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We Provide Access to a Large Network

We provide access to a large network of trusted lenders and caravan finance providers for caravans. We help you fulfil your dreams and make your holiday homes a reality. With us, your needs are always settled.

We handle paper works and procedures so you don’t have to stress. We even negotiate on your behalf so as to get you the best deal possible

No matter the type of caravan you need, we’ll get them for you. Contact us.


Many people worry about the depreciating value of new properties. Just like a car, a caravan starts to depreciate the very minute you drive if off the park.

However, new caravans have new suspensions. Buying a new caravan also allows you to customise as you want.



Do you want to get a caravan at a discounted price? Do you want to save cost and not incur debt after buying your caravan? Buying a used caravan is a good option to consider.

Buying a used caravan has its own advantages. You get already customised caravans, and at cheap price. Used caravans are strong and reliable too.


Sell Your Caravan

Are you a buyer looking to get the best deals for your caravan? Is your caravan in good condition? Our team of experts can connect you with thousand of buyers in Australia.

We handle all professional procedures involved and help you sell your caravan at the best price.



Our team of brokers at RC Sailplane can connect you with the right caravan finance that matches your financial situation. We guide and work with you to understand your needs, take care of the entire process on your behalf and get you the best financial deals possible.


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    Insure Your Caravan – It protects you from undue financial loss.

    Whether you own a Caravan, or you’re in the market to get one, you need to have insurance cover against any accident or damage.

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