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We are RC Sailplane and we are your best Caravan broker choice.

Think of us as an estate agent. We bring you the best deals for caravans.

We provide access to a large network of trusted lenders and finance providers for caravans. We help you fulfil your dreams and make your holiday homes a reality. With us, your needs are always settled.

We handle paper works and procedures so you don’t have to stress. We even negotiate on your behalf so as to get you the best deal possible

No matter the type of caravan you need, we’ll get them for you. Contact us.

What We Do

Getting a caravan can be difficult and we understand. We take away your stress and handle the procurement process for you of sourcing a cheap rate caravan loan. We help you save cost, time and risk of getting involved in not-so-beneficial deals.

We stick to our words. No matter the type of caravan you need and the specifications, we can get it for you. We also provide access to finance and insurance providers who can give loans at incredible rates. Even if the caravan is an old one, we get the best of the best.

So, are you an adventurer or new to the outdoor life and you are looking for the right caravan? Is money stopping you from getting that dream holiday home? Are you seeing new and expensive caravans but want the best at the right market price? Do you want to avoid paying more than necessary and also get discount on new caravans at personalized price? Then reach out to us to get you the best deals for your new or old caravan purchase.

Why Choose Us

Broad Range of Finance Products

No matter your financial situation, we give you access to the best financial product so you can purchase your caravan. We broker finance deals for different types of loans whether secured or unsecured at flexible terms.

Wide Network

At RC Sailplane we have a wide network of lenders and insurance providers for every of your finance needs. We give you access to this list of trusted vendors so you get the best deals possible..

Professional and Experienced Team

Our team include financial experts with combined decades of experience working in the finance industries. We have brokered hundreds of finance deal, and we get better and more experienced with every new one. Years of experience means we are familiar with the common mistakes, and we help you avoid them.

Open Policy with No Hidden Charges

We value transparency in our business relations and we’re honest. There are no hidden charges with any loan term, and every recommendation we give is based on objective and independent analysis.