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Insure Your Caravan – It protects you from undue financial loss.

Whether you own a Caravan, or you’re in the market to get one, you need to have insurance cover against any accident or damage.

Accidents are unprecedented events that can happen to anyone.  When such happen to you, your caravan or families, insurance helps you pay for the damages.

Insurance offers financial cover and support expense for your property and any damage caused by using that property.

Depending on the type of caravan you own or want to buy – tourer or static, there are two types of insurance covers.

Why you should have Caravan insurance:

Unlike car insurance, having caravan insurance is important, though not compulsory.

Having an insurance cover means your life, families and property are safe. This applies to the caravan. There are special financial protection policies that cover for your caravan in case of accident.

However, the third party insurance policy doesn’t cover for any damage to your caravan if it is detached from its main vehicle.

Types of Caravan Insurance

There are two categories of Caravan insurance. This depends on the type of caravan you own.

Touring Caravan Insurance

A touring caravan is always attached to another vehicle. Therefore, this type of insurance covers your caravan if towed with another car.

In case of accident with this type of caravan, your car insurance may cover damages done to your car, but not the Caravan.

However, the touring caravan insurance gives support expense that caters for damages to the touring caravan.

Static Caravan Insurance

Static caravans do not move. They are used for residence purposes. This means they can be covered under a home insurance policy instead of a car policy.

Because this type of caravans don’t leave the site of their destination, an insurance policy is important. This ensures their safety as well as that of the dwellers.

There are other types of Caravan insurance such as:

New for Old

This type of insurance covers the value to replace your old caravan as brand new. You need to know and provide the equivalent amount of the new value of your caravan to be qualified for this replacement cover. Also, your caravan must be insured in the correct value so as to be able to claim such amount in the case of an accident.

Market Value

Market value caravan insurance covers for the current value of your caravan. Your caravan must be insured in the correct value so as to be able to claim such amount in the case of an accident.

What does your caravan insurance cover?

Because caravan insurance is a special type of insurance cover, below are the situations that qualify you for a financial protection or expense support:

  • If your caravan gets loss – Your car insurance doesn’t cover your caravan. However, should your caravan get detached from the car and stolen, your caravan insurances can pay for the damages.
  • If your caravan is burgled – If your caravan is broken into or damaged on the inside, your insurance can cover the expense.
  • If your caravan is damaged by external forces – In the case of your caravan suffering damage from natural disasters, or assault when it’s parked or towed, your insurance assumes responsibility and provide financial support.
  • If your caravan is involved in a road accident – Just like in car insurance, your caravan insurance covers the cost of damage to someone’s property or life following an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions about Caravan Insurance

Can I get insurance if I reside in my caravan?


If you live in your caravan, you can insure it. However, this depends on the location. Your caravan must be at an appropriate location e.g. holiday park, to qualify for this cover.

Is my insurance intact even if I borrow someone my caravan?

When you choose the right insurance cover, your caravan is protected regardless of who is driving or using it.

However, the insurance policy for a tourer and a static caravan may differ.

What other things does my insurance cover?

There are several other things that can be protected by your insurance provider. They include:

  • Abroad cover
  • Breakdown cover
  • Legal assistance
  • Cover for your family and friends when they use your caravan

How can I save cost on my insurance cover fee?

Choosing the right policy is necessary. Get the right insurance deal is important. A comprehensive insurance policy gives you wide range of protection and value for your money.

To get discount on your insurance, you need to consider a few things

  • The make, model, size and price of the caravan
  • The location of the caravan
  • Additional security charges that may be incurred

You can also become a member of caravan owners club.

How to get a caravan insurance

You need:

  • Your personal information or details
  • Caravan make and model
  • Your caravan’s Year of Production
  • Type of use
  • Location of your caravan

You may also need to provide

  • Length and breadth of your caravan
  • The number of rooms