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Are you a buyer looking to get the best deals for your caravan? Is your caravan in good condition? Our team of experts can connect you with thousands of buyers in Australia.

We handle all professional procedures involved and help you sell your caravan at the best price.

Important tips for selling your caravan

When selling a caravan, you want the best possible experience. Selling a caravan is easy, even at a price you are satisfied with.

However, there are some tips involved –

1. Sell at a peak time

In economics, demand affects price. For this reason, always consider selling your caravan during the peak period. According to research, caravans sell faster from January through to April.

2. Use a fair price

Have knowledge of the market and market price. This enables you keep your price at a minimum and negotiable amount.

3. Include key details in your advert.

Selling your caravan involves some crucial marketing skills. You must include all necessary details hen advertising your caravan. They include: the year the year of manufacture, the type of caravan, the make and your asking price.

Having knowledge of the market also helps as you can prepare for frequently asked questions by buyers in any case of doubt.

Buyers will like to know all possible things about the caravan and you must be ready to answer. Having all necessary details at hand go a long way to convince buyers.

Here’s example of a few technical questions that may be asked

  • How long have you been using the caravan?
  • Where have you kept it till now?
  • What is the state of the caravan?
  • How heavy is the caravan
  • How often is the caravan serviced?
  • Total miles covered

Be honest and transparent with your buyers. It is important.

4. Have a clean photograph of your caravan

A clean image can make all the difference when selling. For a product as big as a caravan, it is essential that you give your buyers detailed view of what they want to buy.

You can also make a video, mentioning special parts of what makes the caravan unique and what the buyer sees when they eventually buy..

5. Make sure the caravan is neat and clean

Consider putting your caravan in the best hygiene before putting it up for sale.

Repair any broken parts, sweep the interior and paint if necessary. This little investment can make all the difference.

6. Ensure the inspection is a pleasant experience

When it comes time for an inspection, make sure there is easy access to the caravan. If it’s night-time, consider providing additional lighting so the buyer can have a really good look in and under the van.

Demonstrate that everything operates as it should. Have the van plugged into power and gas the bottles, so when someone comes to look at your van they’ll see that the fridge is icy and the oven works.

Be polite and personable, and give the prospective buyer plenty of time to look over the van. Don’t hover and make the buyer nervous, as this will decrease your chances of locking in a sale.

At RC Sailplane, we offer you full professional management of your entire selling procedure. With free advertising, free evaluation and secure transaction, selling your caravan has never been easier and smoother. Contact us today.